Logs and other admin data


The built-in logging system in AjaXplorer is useful for debugging and troubleshooting your file server. Select the Logs node in the tree and navigate to a given log file (by date). Log entries are sorted by Date/Time, IP address, Level, User, Action (whatever was done) and Parameters (specific to each operation). By default, the log level is set to INFO. If you want more logs, you can set AJXP_SERVER_DEBUG to true in the conf.php file, and you’ll see a lot more logs in these files.

You can use the « Copy as Text » function to copy selected raws inside a given log file and export them as tab separated text to another application.

If you want to clear the logs, this will depend on your logger : default is plugin log.serial and stores the log files with a daily rotation inside the /data/logs/ folder. But if you have switched to log.sql, you’ll probably know how to empty the log SQL table .

Public Files

Here you have an exhaustive list of all users shared files. You can see at which repository they point, and remove them if you have to do some cleaning. Files shared by user require a unique php script to be created inside the PUBLIC_DOWNLOAD_FOLER folder (see Core AjaXplorer configurations). If they are getting messy and people never delete them, you can access and remove them from this part of the GUI.


The tests results run by AjaXplorer at install are stored in a file that can be found here. If you are encountering problems and want to post in the forum, do not forget to copy these results in your message! Use « Copy as Text » once you have selected all the raws in the table.